Turn your locale around:
offer pizzeria-quality pizzas.
Without the pizza chef

Bake excellent pizzas in your locale

The Qui Pizza concept makes it possible to prepare pizzeria-quality pizzas in only two minutes directly in your pub or locale, without investment or masonry works

An easy system completely thought out for you

Thanks to the innovative Qui Pizza concept, all you have to do is take a pizza base, add toppings as you like and insert it into the special oven that simulates real wood fired oven in every respect. And voilà, your pizza is served!

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How can Qui Pizza help your business?

  • Great quality, great pizza

    Qui Pizza gives you the possibility of offering your clients an excellent pizza, made with high-quality ingredients, and thanks to its special recipe, it’s highly digestible
  • 2 pizzas in 2 minutes

    The Qui Pizza concept allows you to prepare 2 pizzas in only 2 minutes. This gives you the possibility to take full advantage even of the short lunch break.
  • A special oven

    The special Qui Pizza static oven is able to simulate cooking from a wood fired oven. It is equipped with a fume hood and refractory brick.
  • Zero investment

    The oven will be provided without any initial investment. You only need to pay a monthly fee for assistance and maintenance, both regular and extraordinary.
  • Zero masonry works

    The Qui Pizza concept doesn’t require masonry work, or even space. The compact dimensions of the oven are suitable even to the small spaces of many locales.
  • Order only what you need

    It’s not necessary to stockpile products or estimate how much you will need each day: order just the pasta shapes and condiments that you need and the service is carried out with our own transportation.
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Transform your locale into a pizzeria, without the pizza chef!

A special oven and excellent pizza bases to turn your business around

The Qui Pizza concept is designed to make it possible for locales to offer their clients excellent pizzas, in extremely short time, simply without having to perform masonry works.

Here’s how it works. First off, the oven – which comes with its own fume hood and refractory brick – has been designed to simulate in every aspect a real wood fired oven, and is able to bake 2 pizzas in 2 minutes. Thus it lets you offer a fast service even during the busy lunch hour or when you’re preparing for a happy hour or aperitif. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions, the oven is suitable even for service areas, while the low energy consumption makes it extremely affordable to use.

The pizza oven, created to provide professional results, is given to the locale with no initial investment. The only cost is a monthly fee that covers all maintenance interventions (both ordinary and extraordinary), deep cleaning once a year, and supply of a substitute oven in case of malfunction that can’t be repaired on site.

The pizza bases are available in multiple shapes with or without tomato sauce. They are delivered and transported with our own refrigerated vehicles. You only need to top the pizza and insert it directly into the oven, and it will be ready in only 2 minutes. Thanks to the two completely separate chambers, it will be possible to bake 2 pizzas every 2 minutes.

Condimenti Concept Qui Pizza

Delicious, ready in 2 minutes, and now also GLUTEN FREE

Tasty gluten-free pizza bases, to be topped and served in only 2 minutes.

Pizzeria-quality pizzas. Without the pizza chef

Special pizza oven and high-quality pizza bases to allow every pub and local to offer their clients excellent, pizzeria-quality pizzas, easily and without investment.